About Us

About Us

For more than 35 years, we have been helping families save by enabling their children to save AT SCHOOL through our online banking system. More than 3,000,000 children in 7000+ schools have learned to save AT SCHOOL. Through this blog we hope to provide solutions to crucial family financial management issues facing our Save For America School Savings families and others. WE HOPE YOU WILL COMMENT AND SHARE YOUR MONEY MANAGEMENT IDEAS WITH OUR FAMILIES!

First a little about me. My name is Sherry Avena. I am the founder of Save For America and Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Financial Services Group, Inc., a processor for the Federal Reserve Bank. I specialize in creating solutions to learning bottlenecks and am an internet pioneer. I have a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Management Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Instructional Design (M. Ed.). I have served as Chair of the Washington State Public Broadcasting Commission and just finished a term on the Federal Reserve Bank’s Secure Payments Task Force. I am the creator of three innovative, national education programs evaluated and approved by the U. S. Department of Education for use in public and private schools. Each program was based on sound research on how learning takes place which is one of the reasons they were so successful. They are:

  • Model Classrooms: A Classroom Management system which provided reading and math prescriptions to grades K-6 students.
  • Have a Healthy Heart: Education for children to prevent heart disease, and
  • School Savings: A social enterprise that enables saving by accepting student saving deposits AT SCHOOL.

I am currently working with state governments and foundations to increase saving for college through tax-advantaged 529 Programs. More about 529s later!

I live in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state and enjoy hiking and snowmobiling in the rugged, white-capped mountains near the log cabin I built. I am also an instrument rated pilot. My passion is helping families save and invest today for a secure and happy future.

When you visit saveforamerica.org you will learn how saving affects you and America, how saving and financial literacy can change your life and most important, how to set yourself and your family on the path to prosperity. Financial literacy begins with SAVING. If you follow my steps, you will have the money and time you need to live the life of your dreams. My recommendations are not only based on the science of learning but also on the methods I have successfully utilized in my education programs.

I have also used the learning principles I will share with you with my own three grown children: a Hollywood TV writer, a Director at T-Mobile and a Viticulturist with his own vineyard. I raised my children on my own and had to work through many difficult financial times, so, please don’t feel deflated if you already have too much debt or have even filed for bankruptcy.


Through the careful management of my finances and by following the plan I am sharing with you, I was able to put my children through undergraduate and graduate programs debt free and still accumulate funds for my retirement. Think ‘save every day, one day at a time.’ It adds up!

In the near future and throughout the year, I will also bring to your attention savings in quality clothing, toys, learning tools, electronics and other family necessities.

If you are interested in promoting saving in your community and local schools, you may want to contact School Savings to learn how to start a saving program at your school.

You CAN chart a course to financial security for you and your family and the time to start is NOW!